Elephant Elephant


Yesterday I started on a new linocut piece for my printmaking class’s portfolio exchange. At the end of each term we each do an edition of a 5″x7″ print, and everyone in the group gets a copy of every other person’s print. It’s kind of cool, because it’s a free way to start a pretty significant print collection, and it also serves as a sort of scrapbook for the class.

Maybe I’m just getting nostalgic because I’m so close to graduation, but I’m really glad that I’ll have this record of my printmaking peers.

So, here’s my print exchange print:

This is just a test print, hence the weird brown craft paper. Which I actually kind of like, truth be told.

I really want to start getting more intricate in my carving, adding more texture and making my relief prints a little less blocky looking. This is sort of step in that direction–a small one, since the block is only 4″x6″, but then I usually work small. I’m fairly happy with how she turned out.


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