Open Studio


Today was our Open Studio in Cascade–all the printmaking and painting classes put their work up on the walls and students and community members drop by to see, because we lure them in with free snacks.

Once it was all over I cleaned out my studio desk–I had no idea how many scraps of linoleum and copper I had stashed in there. Found some old plates from my intaglio class, way more drymount paper than I knew I had, and my etching tools. Hooray!

Bit sad to say goodbye to my desk though–I’ve always loved this studio, and I’ll miss working here. I can see myself a month from now, longing for drawers and flat work surfaces.

Some girls dream about jewelry and clothes–I dream of storage space and work benches.


Here’s one of my final printmaking projects for the year–a book of hand colored intaglio nudibranchs (colorful sea slugs).

And more nudibranchs, uncolored this time.

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