Since fake taxidermy is all the rage right now, I’ve been working on a sort of taxidermy-related project. But instead of the moose and deer that are all over Etsy right now, I’m making embroidered butterflies. The eventual plan is to make a whole herd of these little guys and then tack them up in a shadowbox frame, like people do with actual butterflies.

Here’s my current one in progress.

And finished, as of today. This picture doesn’t really show the color that well, but I’m not quite ready to pull out the good camera yet so you’ll have to deal with the phone photo.

Originally I wanted to do a series of Pacific Northwest butterflies, but after about a week’s worth of research I’ve come to the conclusion that PNW butterflies are lame. They’re all very small and drab, which makes for some pretty dull embroidering. I may end up doing a PNW-only series another time, but for right now I’m concentrating on the pretty tropical guys–the ones you actually want to see on a wall.

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