Workday at the studio


I spent a good portion of today at the studio setting type for my two books in process–title pages for each and a colophon for one of them. During a break I dug through a couple of our studio’s drawers of dingbats and cuts, and I found some pretty cool pieces.

Photo Apr 01, 6 20 47 PM

This one is my favorite–probably used to print dental records back in the day, it’s now a piece of weird printing ephemera. And despite my crippling fear of dentistry, I do have an inexplicable interest in outdated medical practices, so I’ll probably end up doing something with this guy at some point.Photo Apr 01, 6 14 11 PM


The finished colophon for the smaller of my books–this is 6 pt. type. See the size of the string tying it?

Photo Apr 01, 6 14 03 PM

And the half-finished colophon of my other book project, in a somewhat more reasonable 10 pt. Caslon. Those serifs make me weak in the knees.Photo Apr 01, 6 23 24 PM

ELEPHANT.Photo Apr 01, 6 23 32 PM

Sweet half tone of some fishermans fishering.
Photo Apr 01, 6 22 49 PM

This drawer section was filled with skulls, old Masons/Oddfellows logos, and prescription symbols. Spooky.Photo Apr 01, 6 24 19 PM

Dice!Photo Apr 01, 6 25 25 PM

Pegasuses? I found a unicorn in another drawer.Photo Apr 01, 6 24 43 PMAnd a few random ones.


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