Angler Fish

art, Prints, work in progress

Today was apparently angler fish day.
Photo Apr 10, 9 34 25 PM

At some point this is going to be a larger woodcut print–large for me anyway, at around 8″ x 10″. I usually work really small, most of my prints end up around 5″ x 7″.

Photo Apr 10, 9 32 40 PM

But today I worked on a mini woodcut, about 3″ x 3″, on a piece of shina plywood I got from McClain’s Printmaking Supply. I ordered one of their shina plywood grab bags and got a whole bag full of small blocks like these–probably too small for a lot of people to work on, but they suit me just fine, especially for a quick print like this little angler fish.Photo Apr 10, 9 46 22 PMI’ve carved on a lot of shitty woodblocks in my day, so the shina plywood is a big step up–it cuts like butter. It’s actually taking a little getting used to just how soft it is, even going against the grain (which is very fine).

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