Matting & Framing

art, exhibition, photography

A few weeks ago I broke down and bought a mat cutter so that I can cut my own beveled mats for artwork. The pre-cut ones add up, especially if you need a custom size, so I think this thing will pay for itself in the long run.

Photo Apr 20, 1 41 36 PMAfter one botched mat (the cutting was fine, but it was smudged up) I got one good enough to mat my photograph for the Art for Education Director’s Cut exhibition in St. Paul, OR next weekend.

print studio 21 copy

Print Studio 21, 2013

I forgot to photograph it all matted up in its frame, but this was the photograph that will be on exhibit. The reception for the show will be next Saturday, April 27, at the Robert Newell House Museum in St. Paul, OR, and the proceeds from artwork sold will go to the restoration of the Pioneer Mothers Cabin, another historic building in St. Paul.


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