Famers Market Buskers

art, photography

At the Farmers’ Market this Saturday I spent a little time away from the Merry Inksters booth, wandering around with my camera. Somewhere along the line I heard accordion music–I happen to be a big accordion fan, so I immediately went in search of the player, and did not come away disappointed.


It’s crazy to me to see someone playing a full size accordion. My own is only a half size (60 bass), so an instrument like this one looks absolutely huge.

I also met a busking guitarist who didn’t mind having his photo taken. He even let me hold his guitar while he got set up!

DSC_0508Someday I’ll get brave enough to take my violin out and give busking a try.


2 thoughts on “Famers Market Buskers

  1. Honestly, I stopped by to see where on earth you ran into an accordion…they are things left largely in the past which is a shame. Glad to run into you.


    1. Someday they’ll make a comeback! And actually I’ve seen a number of buskers with them lately, I think the novelty factor must be appealing when you’re playing on the street.

      Check out my latest post to see my newest woodcut print, a photo transfer of my own accordion.


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