Portrait Woodcut – Preparation

art, photography, Prints

My entire family is sort of camera shy. So getting a good picture of them often involves a great deal of stealth or a big ‘ol distraction–which is why it’s no surprise that the best picture I’ve gotten of my dad lately was while we were digging razor clams a couple weeks ago. He gets sort of giddy when there’s seafood involved, so I managed to sneak a few good shots of him while he was otherwise occupied.

Because my accordion photo transfer went so well, I figured I’d try doing a portrait using the same technique with a grayscale color reduction. The layers will go like so:

dad.woodcut1 dad.woodcut2 dad.woodcut3 dad.woodcut4And combine to create a full black and white image.

I will likely be in trouble for this–hi, Dad!–but I think it’ll be cool enough to be worth the inevitable ass-kicking. And Mom, be advised that this is the first of a series, so you’re next!

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