Woodcut Shark


This isn’t a very good picture, but here’s a newly carved great white shark–4″ x 4″ shina plywood.
Photo Apr 25, 11 14 20 PMI’ve decided to do a series of small sea monster prints, with last week’s angler fish as the first. This is a newish style for me–a more negative sort of carving, with most of the print left black and only a few white details pulled out.


2 thoughts on “Woodcut Shark

  1. Miss Christy, I am very interested in your “seamonster” collection. I would like to make sure that I get the whole collection, as they come out. And I don’t mean GIVEN to me,but to be purchased. It would be like having a complete collection of a baseball card collection, from a soon to be very famous person!


    1. There’s one of every print I make put on hold for you guys, not that I’d let you pay for them! 😀 I’ll let you know when I have more sea monsters finished.


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