New Type!

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Today I met Ed at the Merry Inksters studio, where I learned that we just received a donation of type–full sets of 14 and 18 point Centaur, and 14 and 18 point Arrighi, a script companion to Centaur.

Photo May 01, 7 01 09 PM

I helped transfer the type from its current drawer to our studio drawers. Apparently there’s such a thing as a transfer drawer–it’s a mirror image of a regular California job case, so you can just overturn a regular type drawer into it, then flip it onto another drawer. All the type stays in the right compartment that way.

The California Job Case is a type case with separate compartments for each letter, punctuation mark, and ligature. The most commonly used letters are arranged in a rough circle right in front of the typsetter, with less commonly used characters farther out.

Unfortunately we don’t have a transfer drawer.

So all the type had to be moved by hand, making sure that each letter was transferred into the right compartment. Ed did most of this by himself (what a job) but I got there in time to help with the last case.

Photo May 01, 7 01 13 PM


Photo May 01, 7 02 54 PM

Tiny fingers at work. Most people would have had to use tweezer to get into the separate compartments.

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