Portrait Woodcut – Take One

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Today I got started on the woodcut portrait of my dad. I printed off each layer separately, then transferred the first one (the lightest grey layer) onto my woodblock using acetone.

Photo May 02, 12 14 38 PMI use 100% acetone nail polish remover. You can buy acetone from car parts shops or hardware stores, but this stuff is dirt cheap at any drugstore.

Photo May 02, 12 14 32 PMHere are the four separate layers of the image. They’ll be printed in increasingly dark shades of grey, but here I’ve printed them all in straight black so that they’ll transfer dark onto the block.
Photo May 02, 12 15 52 PM

First I line up the block on the printed image and wrap the paper around the edges. I usually tape the paper in place to keep it from moving.

Photo May 02, 12 17 12 PM

Then I wet a paper towel (one with no printed patterns) with acetone and rub the back of the image.
Photo May 02, 12 17 45 PM

Rub rub rub.

Photo May 02, 12 18 32 PM

Don’t want to peel away the whole thing at once–I pull back one corner to see if it’s transferring okay. That way if it isn’t dark enough I can put it back and keep adding acetone without shifting the paper at all.

Photo May 02, 12 19 16 PM

This one transferred just fine.
Photo May 02, 12 46 40 PMAaaaaaand it’s time to carve!

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