Portrait Woodcut – Take Two

art, Prints, work in progress

Okay, so, layer two of this woodcut had some … technical difficulties. The transfer didn’t work properly the first time, and I ended up having to make two separate trips to Kinkos for new copies. I swear, I never successfully print something on the first try there.

ANYWAY. I printed both the first (and eventually) the second layer.

Photo May 02, 1 10 53 PM

Here’s the block after having printed the first layer. I forgot to take a picture of the print at this stage (oops), but here’s what the print looks like with the two lightest layers printed.

Photo May 02, 5 00 39 PM

After this, the third image layer transferred onto the woodblock just fine, so carving ahoy!

Photo May 02, 8 57 21 PM

Because I’m working from a photograph, I kept the original image open on my laptop while I carved. There’s a lot of really small details that only sort of come through in the transfer.ps.screenshot
Photo May 02, 8 59 35 PM

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