Cascade Print Exchange VII

art, Prints

This week I got my prints from the Cascade Print Exchange–after submitting an edition of 15 of my own prints, I got 15 random ones from other participating artists. 
Photo May 11, 11 20 50 AM

The catalog cover was letterpress printed at the Merry Inksters studio on our new Vandercook press.

I lucked out this year and got some really awesome prints–here are a few of my favorites.
Photo May 11, 11 23 18 AM

This relief print is by OSU profressor Andrew Meyers, who was featured on this week’s Corvallis Advocate. Some of his drawings are up right now at the Corvallis Art Center, and they’re amazing.

Photo May 11, 11 22 44 AM

This one was done by my friend Angela Waetje!

Photo May 11, 11 21 41 AM

This was done by Kathryn Cellerini Moore, an artist I’ve never met. I love it. Linoblock cow? Sewn on sequins? Yup. Awesome.Photo May 11, 11 21 22 AMAnd finally, the coup de grace–a print by my professor, Yuji Hiratsuka, internationally recognized intaglio artist. Yuji is something of a rockstar of the Corvallis art community, and is an awesome guy in general. I’m really pleased (and lucky!) to have gotten one of his prints in this exchange.

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