New tools!

art, Prints

My folks got me this sweet set of micro wood carving tools for my birthday this year–thanks guys! These are the smallest carving heads I’ve seen and I think they’ll allow me to get a lot more detail into my printmaking.

Photo May 18, 9 11 16 PM

They also came with this lovely complementary band-aid holder. Advertising at its finest, guys.Photo May 18, 9 12 17 PM I tried them out on one of my little 4″ x 4″ shina plywood blocks and I love them already. For some reason Flex Cut tools seem to hold an edge better than my more traditional Japanese carving tools, and these ones have the fine points I’ve been wanting for forever. Even my littlest carving tool is way bigger than these guys.

Photo May 18, 9 14 10 PM

Here’s my test carving. It’s a salmon, but it looks more like a moray eel–I don’t think salmon can bend quite like this.Photo May 18, 9 14 26 PMOh well, I’m pretty pleased with how his face turned out.



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