Merry Inksters at the Corrine Woodman Gallery

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The Merry Inksters are having an exhibit at the Corvallis Arts Center’s Corrine Woodman Gallery, so today I got some work framed up and ready to go.

Photo Feb 28, 12 35 19 PM

I wasn’t crazy about this woodcut when I finished it, but seeing it matted and framed, I like it quite a bit better than I did at first. And cephalopods seem to be in style right now.
Photo May 21, 7 10 07 PM

Also putting in the portrait of my dad. From a distance it doesn’t even look like a woodcut.

I’m also submitting a few books, including this little guy, “Stormy Night.” It’s a tiny woodcut in an accordion fold book.Photo May 21, 3 32 26 PM Photo May 21, 3 32 09 PMPhoto May 21, 3 31 53 PM

2 thoughts on “Merry Inksters at the Corrine Woodman Gallery

  1. Your artwork is beautiful and awe-inspiring, Christy! You have an amazing talent that I admire and respect. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday. My wife and I are planning on taking some print-making classes this summer. Keep up the excellent work on your blog and in your studio. Summer is upon us a few weeks early in Corvallis. I’m not complaining (although my allergies are throwing a sneezing fit). Never a dull moment exploring Nature’s nuances!
    Tyler 🙂


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