Drypoint Dog Skull

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Today I started on a new drypoint print. Drypoint is a type of intaglio, or etching, printmaking, so called because it doesn’t involve the acid that other forms of intaglio do. In a drypoint print, you use a stylus to etch into a metal or plexiglass plate–ink is pressed into the etched lines, and the print is pulled from there.

So using a stylus is fun and all, but you know what’s way more fun? Using a rotary tool to whale on some plexiglass. VROOM VROOM.
Photo May 23, 1 09 55 PMHere’s the sketch I started with. The plexi I’m using is clear, so I just lay it over the drawing, tape it in place, and go to town on it.

Photo May 23, 1 08 30 PMI do most of the etching with a metal burr, but here I’m using a sanding head to get some softer textures. Half the fun of using the rotary tool is getting textures that a stylus just can’t make.

Photo May 23, 1 08 03 PMPhoto May 23, 1 08 56 PMHere’s a close up of the etched plexiglass.Photo May 23, 1 07 50 PMYou can see the cross hatching in the eye socket there.

Photo May 23, 1 09 47 PMAnd here’s the whole etched image. I haven’t done a test print yet, but I’m hoping it’ll have a lot of good gray values and texture.

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