Family Photos FINALLY Finished

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For nearly a year now, I’ve been working on a remake of one of the books from my BFA thesis project–Family Photos, a book of embroidered portraits taken from my collection of thrift store photos.

Photo Jun 23, 11 32 58 AMLast week I realized there was a deadline coming up for a show I wanted to enter this book in–only it still wasn’t finished.

Turns out that the last minute deadline was just what I needed to get my butt in gear and get this book put together. There wasn’t really much left to do–sew one last page, cut the text block to size, bind the whole thing, done!

I decided on a long stitch binding with a French twist, pictured below. Since the whole focus of this book is stitching, I wanted an exposed spine, and I think that this particular stitch shows itself off perfectly.


The front cover still needs something, but I haven’t decided how to add the title to it yet so I decided to hold off on that detail for the time being. I love working under pressure, but I know when to give a decision more time–and the front cover of the book is a pretty important detail to consider. I entered it into the show as-is with the intention of adding to the cover at a later date.


There are 11 sewn portraits, and each is visible from both the front and the back so you can see the exposed threads.Family.Photos.Detail2.lowresThe introduction and colophon (pictured) are both letterpress printed.

While I’m excited to have this one finished and photographed, I can’t forget that this is only one of an edition of seven–the other books have yet to be sewn, though the pages are already cut and printed. Maybe I should set myself a deadline for the other six.



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