Focus on Book Arts Conference – Day 1

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was awarded a scholarship to attend the Focus on Book Arts Conference in Forest Grove, OR–and my first day of workshops was today!

I’ve never been to a conference like this before, and I’ve never actually had any hands on instruction in book making, so everything about this has been a real treat so far.

Today’s workshop was on carousel books, taught by Jennie Hinchcliff of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco–and it blew my mind, you guys. Turns out that there are a lot of things I learned to do correctly on my own, but there are a lot of little tricks that I wish I’d learned a long time ago!

Photo Jun 29, 2 06 11 PM

Here’s my book partway through the cutting process. I love this structure. It’s actually not one I’d ever heard of before registering for this workshop, but it’s amazing–like an accordion book on steroids.
Photo Jun 29, 2 06 18 PM

Look at all them layers.

Photo Jun 29, 3 40 05 PM

My one regret: not bringing my usual (big) cutting mat. I brought this little blue one in the interests of packing light, but this was a mistake. Gotta have room to cut!
Photo Jun 29, 4 19 46 PMLuckily I remembered to bring a bunch of little pre-printed type cuts along! Most of my class had brought collections of rubber stamps to design their books, which worked really well–their projects turned out amazing. Personally I’m just not a rubber stamp person. This is probably some sort of printmaking snobbery, but I’d rather carve my own print than use a preformed stamp. I’m looking forward to getting home and making another carousel book using some of my woodcuts.
Photo Jun 29, 10 36 49 AM

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