Late Night Bookbinding

art, bookbinding, bookmaking, classes, work in progress

It’s nearly midnight and I’m alone and bored in my hotel room here in Forest Grove, waiting for the next day of the Focus on Book Arts Conference. With nothing for company besides the History Channel, free wifi, and the dregs of the Slurpee I had for dinner, I figured that it would only be appropriate to bind a book.

Photo Jun 29, 11 02 20 PM

Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever actually used that weird little dining table/desk every hotel room seems to have.
Photo Jun 29, 11 18 06 PM

Making use of some of the techniques I learned today–hole punching template = brilliant.Photo Jun 29, 11 27 29 PMThe pages are my spent raffle tickets from the conference raffle.  The blue cover paper was one of the samples that came in my gift bag (more on that later!), and everything else was just scrap material I found in my toolbox. I am a creature of scraps.
Photo Jun 29, 11 43 07 PM

Bam, all sewn and glued.Photo Jun 29, 11 43 24 PM

‘Hotel Room Insomnia Raffle Ticket Scrap Book’ has a nice ring to it.
Photo Jun 29, 11 44 39 PM


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