Focus on Book Arts Conference: Day 2

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Sunday was the last day of the Focus on Book Arts Conference. My second workshop of the conference was taught by the same instructor as the first, Jennie Hinchcliff, and revolved around sewn bindings.

Most of my book work uses exposed stitch bindings like these, but I’ve learned just about everything I know from books and diagrams–it was really valuable to have a chance to see the techniques demonstrated firsthand.

Photo Jun 30, 12 55 33 PM

The first book was what Jennie referred to as a daybook–she brought in ledger paper (which I love!), graph paper, and some nice printmaking paper so we could make three separate sections to our books, separated by file folder dividers. The binding itself is a variation on the French twist I’m familiar with.

For both books we sewed around paper tapes, which then attached the covers to the text blocks.

Photo Jun 30, 4 23 12 PM

Here’s my second book from the workshop, with a herringbone stitch.Photo Jun 30, 3 49 26 PM

Photo Jun 30, 3 37 17 PM

Both books side by side–here you can really see the difference in the stitches.

All in all it was a great workshop. I feel that I learned a lot of valuable stuff from both of my classes–new structures and techniques as well as little hints and tricks to make some of the things I already knew a lot easier.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to attach the covers to the two books, but Jennie walked the class through that step so that we could finish up on our own. I’ll post a photo once I get mine finished!

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