Book A Day Challenge: Thursday

art, bookbinding, bookmaking, work in progress

Alright, so I technically didn’t finish these on Thursday, but in my defense it was both my mother’s birthday and the fourth of July. I was busy.

But! To make up for it, I made two books for that day. And they’re both quite mini.

Photo Jul 05, 4 03 43 PM
Photo Jul 05, 4 03 16 PM Photo Jul 05, 3 42 25 PMThis one has a letterpress type cut Buddha embedded into the front cover. I kind of like the tall vertical accordion as opposed to the usual shape, though it does make it just a little bit unwieldy.

Right now both books are resting in my new nipping press–its first use since it came home with me! I still can’t believe how lucky I was to acquire these presses. Definitely a welcome change after all the less than stellar stuff that’s happened this year.

Next week I plan to start on round two of my Animal Saints series using the cylinder press. Can’t wait to get started!


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