Ribcage Book Continued

art, bookbinding, bookmaking, work in progress

Tonight I continued work on my little ribcage book. This is the first spontaneous project I’ve had in a while, and it feels good to have something new and engrossing, the kind of project you can’t wait to keep working on. That, to me, is the whole reason for making art in the first place–it’s not as much about seeing the final product as it is about the excitement of a new idea in progress.

Photo Jul 07, 1 25 17 AM

Since I’ll probably want to attach the covers to the finished text block tomorrow, I went ahead and glued the cover boards tonight. They’re covered with a red lotka paper that isn’t nearly as bright as this picture makes it look.
Photo Jul 07, 1 28 27 AM

It’s only a matter of time until I catch my fingers in here.Photo Jul 07, 1 28 51 AM

Being pressed flat overnight. It’s so satisfying to crank this press down instead of just sticking whatever I’m pressing under a textbook. And it works about a thousand times better, so that’s a plus too.
Photo Jul 07, 1 33 36 AM

Meanwhile, all the little ribcages are cut out and the background layer is folded and ready to go.Photo Jul 07, 1 34 11 AM Photo Jul 07, 1 34 44 AMI haven’t fully decided what I’m going to do with the background layer yet. It needs some text, but not enough to overpower the ribs in the foreground… we’ll see.


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