Ribcage Book – nearly finished!

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Today I continued work on my little ribcage book.Photo Jul 07, 1 34 44 AM I added in a third layer of transparent, fibrous paper. Not honestly sure what kind of paper it is, but it has a sort of tendon-like look to me–layered over the background, which I painted red, it suggests the idea of flesh. Photo Jul 07, 3 21 00 PMThere was a tear in the paper so I decided to add some red stitching, both for structural soundness and for the visual effect.
Photo Jul 07, 3 25 35 PM

Checking the three layers against one another. At this point they’re still three separate entities, they haven’t been connected yet.
Photo Jul 07, 8 01 35 PM

With the layers nearly complete I started thinking about the cover–the boards are already glued and finished, but I wanted a woodcut ribcage in leu of a title on the front. I carved this little sample block of cherry plywood from McClain’s–this wood has so much more color and grain than the shina plywood I normally use, the block is almost better looking than the print. It’s much tougher to carve though.
Photo Jul 07, 8 04 56 PM

This little print was the first block printed on the cylinder press since its move from the community studio to my private workspace. It was a surprisingly powerful feeling, adjusting the pressure and printing with it tonight in my own studio as opposed to a public setting, the only place where I’ve ever used a press like this.Photo Jul 07, 8 09 41 PM The finished print, as well as an embossed print on BFK. It’s difficult to see in the picture but the embossed print is actually the one that will go on the cover of the book.Photo Jul 07, 8 57 31 PM After adding detail to the ribcages with white charcoal and stitching the three book layers together, it’s nearly finished. Photo Jul 07, 9 37 23 PMCover boards attached, bone clasp closure glued in place, all ready to go in the nipping press for the night. I left the embossed cover piece off for now–putting it under pressure in the nipping press would flatten it, destroying the embossed texture, so I’ll glue it down tomorrow along with the endpages.
Photo Jul 07, 9 38 11 PM

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