Skull Sketches & Anatomy Book

art, work in progress

Lately my projects have gone back to one of my favorite themes, skeletal anatomy. I’ve been using a book I found at the library called Human Anatomy: A Visual History from the Renaissance to the Digital AgeThis book rocks my socks. I’m a huge fan of weird old anatomical etchings and illustrations, and the whole book is jam packed with them. Lots of old timey skeletons, muscle/organ illustrations, and dissections of everything you can think of. Not exactly for the faint of heart, but if you’re into anatomy, it’s pretty sweet.

Photo Jul 17, 3 25 16 PM


Photo Jul 17, 3 24 07 PM

This sketch has got some odd proportions, but it matches the image I was drawing from. The interesting thing about a lot of the older etchings is that they generally didn’t have a clear sense of human anatomy yet–they’re drawn straight from the same dissections that the doctors/scientists/crazies of the day were doing in order to learn more about the human body, and as a result, they get some stuff wrong. I don’t exactly blame them though. Photo Jul 17, 3 24 39 PMPhoto Jul 17, 3 29 39 PM

Sometimes I like the quick sketchy images as well or better as the finished drawing.Photo Jul 17, 6 48 54 PM

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