More Work on the Anatomy Book

art, bookbinding, bookmaking, embroidery, work in progress

This book has taken forever to complete and still isn’t entirely done–but it’s getting close! I spent most of today watching Adventure Time and sewing, and as a result, the second layer is finally finished.

I also spruced up the front layer with some white charcoal detailing.
Photo Jul 22, 9 51 26 PM

The teeth still need a little work on this page.Photo Jul 22, 9 51 12 PM

First three pages.Photo Jul 22, 9 51 21 PMHere are all three layers combined–punching and stitching the text block took no time at all.

Photo Jul 22, 10 21 59 PM Photo Jul 22, 9 50 26 PM

These two pages are my favorite. See the organs behind the ribcage?Photo Jul 22, 9 50 45 PMThe cover boards are glued and in the nipping press, so all that’s left is attaching the covers and some endpages. The end is in sight!

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