Anatomy Book Photo Extravaganza

art, bookbinding, bookmaking, embroidery, work in progress

Today, after much struggling with glue and lotka paper (don’t ask), I finished up both of my anatomy carousel books. Yay!

In honor of finally having finished these guys, here are some photos that weren’t taken with my cell phone for a change.
2anatomy.detail.04 2anatomy.structure

Showing off the carousel structure. LAYERS GALORE.anatomy.spread Supercool page spread! The colophon will go on that roundish black space on the last page; I just haven’t decided quite how to add it yet.

Oh well–on to the ribcage book.2.ribcage.structure.02 Again, look at them layers. Mmmhm.

2ribcage.detail.01 Somewhat less interesting page spread! ribcage.spread

This book ended up being more of a proof of concept than anything, because halfway through working on it I had the idea for the other book (which ended up being way better). I still like it though, because hey, ribcages!

Between these two and my Phrenology Studies book, I’ve pretty much got the market cornered on weird little black and red accordion books.

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