Dog Skull Embroidery

art, embroidery, work in progress

I’ve posted before about the deformity that runs rampant in purebred dogs, as well as some sketches I did back in April of the unfortunate change that’s occurred in the skulls of bulldogs in the past century. In a nutshell, these dogs and other similar breeds have been rendered deformed thanks to the unnatural standards that kennel clubs and dog breeders have imposed on them. The first post I linked to goes into more detail, so I won’t elaborate here. Suffice it to say that this is a topic that bothers me deeply.dogskull.01

It’s also a topic that goes hand in hand with my interest in skeletal anatomy–the simplest way to illustrate this deformity is to compare the skeletons of normal, healthy dogs with skeletons of the ones being produced today.

Hence my newest sewn project, an embroidered version of the sketches I posted in April.
dogskull.02Something about embroidered skeletons strikes a chord with me–embroidered sketches like this one and my fish skeleton piece especially. Maybe it’s the difference in texture, rendering smooth, hard, bone in such a soft and inviting medium. Or maybe it’s just interesting to see something other than flowers and kittens in embroidery?

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