Works in Progress


Though my posting has been sporadic to nonexistent lately, I’ve definitely been hard at work on some new projects. Relearning how to balance full time employment with my more creative pursuits has been difficult, but I think I’m finally getting back in the swing of things, finding a balance that suits my creative side as well as my fiscally responsible side. Gotta pay them bills!

That said: I’ve been invited to take part in a two person embroidery show at the Corvallis Arts Center this winter, so I’ve started on a new embroidery project for the exhibit. I’m borrowing some of the imagery from my Family Photos book, but this new series will be incorporating some new stuff as well, albeit in a similar theme as the original Family Photos project. Here’s a little peek at what I’ve been up to in the past couple weeks:


Gonna have to bust out the iron for this one. Just ignore that wrinkle.


My mother always told me to take smaller stitches–she didn’t tell me I’d need reading glasses by the age of 24.

I’ve got some other exciting things coming up in addition to this Arts Center show, but I’ll post about that tomorrow. Right now I’ve got some more sewing to do!

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