Sewn Work

Antelope Skull on Doily

Antelope Skull, embroidery on doily, 2017

Ram Skull on Doily

Ram Skull, embroidery on doily, 2016

Cross Stitch Skull

Cross Stitch Skull, cross stitch from digitized drawing, 2016

Neck Muscles.05Neck Muscles.04

Neck Muscles.01

Neck Muscles, embroidery, 2015


Skull Study III, embroidery, 2014


Skull Study II, embroidery, 2014


Skull Study I, embroidery, 2014


typecut embroidery.01

Typecut Embroidery 1, embroidery, 2014

typecut embroidery.02

Typecut Embroidery 2, embroidery, 2014

typecut embroidery.05

Typecut Embroidery 5, embroidery, 2014

typecut embroidery.07

Typecut Embroidery 6, embroidery, 2014

typecut embroidery.04

Typecut Embroidery 4, embroidery, 2014

typecut embroidery.03

Typecut Embroidery 3, embroidery, 2014

Fish Skeleton

Fish Skeleton, embroidery, 2013


Cadaver Foot Study, embroidery, 2012


Cadaver Hand Study, embroidery, 2012

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